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We understand how intense life on the streets can be in the medina, so from the moment you take one step into our ancient Riad, you will be received by smiling faces and warm hearts. Lose the fear of differences and discover common roots and traditions. We have two main living rooms, where we come everybody comes together to their stores and experiences. Enjoy the many pockets of relaxation on our comfy couches. Our hostel is very spacious and we have three terraces where you can soak up the panoramic views of the medina and surrounding areas. Let your imagination be swept away by enchanted Arabian nights.


Get to know the oldest and largest Medina in the world from a locals perspective. Our tour guide and certified historian offers our guests a personable and informative tour every morning. We also offer day tours to Meknes and Chefchaoun, or why not try a 3 day excursion throughout the desert on camal back.

Meet the team

There are many things that will make your stay at funky fes unique and memorable. At the heart of this is our young and dedicated team of international travelers. When you enter through our doors you also enter into our hearts. Our purpose is not only to make your stay as comfortable as possible, but to give you the opportunity to discover the ancient local culture, its history and its people. So please ask us anything. We are here for YOU.


During your stay you can enjoy an inclusive continental breakfast, free wifi, high quality music system, tv lounge where you can play PS4 or watch Netflix and chill. You have access to our guest kitchen, bed linen, hot water, shop, lockers, laundry service and printer. We also have our own taxi service and we can pick you up from the airport.

Stay & Play

We admire people who want to share their creativity and talents. At funky fes, we have many in house artists who contribute in many ways. If you have something that you could offer, please let us know as we are always excited to try out new things. If we like your idea, you can enjoy a free stay on us. In addition to this we will be hosting special events throughout the year, so be sure to keep an eye out.


Let your tastes buds explode by the Arabian and Mediterranean influenced dishes that are prepared by our home cooks. All of produce are fresh and bought from our local suppliers. We cater for meat lovers and animal lovers. There is one special ingredient that is put into every meal – LOVE.